Who we are

Casa Oliver is a family project born from the love of the region of Girona and Empordà and the desire to share its beauty and way of life.

Some of the stones from which the house is built have been in place for more than 300 years, some even as far back as 1630. For this reason our home has had many different names: Cal Mestre, Cal Prior… and today Casa Oliver.

Constructed in the 17th century and now listed historically, the house was originally the residence of the Prior of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Cervià de Ter, with which it shares similar architectural features.
In 2015, the house was acquired by the Oliver i Ponce family. It has been lovingly restored under the architectural guidance of Jaume Oliver, a native of Cervià de Ter, together with his wife Mª Dolors Ponce and with the interior designer Maite Prats.
The house is considered a fine example of local rural architecture, restored with traditional techniques such as the stucco exterior and using local materials like stone, clay and tiles. This has created a simple exterior with robust lines, and a modern yet cosy interior. A house that forms an important part of the local heritage of Cervià de Ter and creates a natural dialogue between the past and the present.

The town

Cervià de Ter is a municipality of Girona, adjacent to the Empordà region. The town, with its 10th century castle, monastery of Santa Maria and the parochial church of Sant Genís, form part of the historical heritage of Catalonia.

Next to the historic nucleus with its strong medieval fingerprint, the town has also developed more contemporary areas with chalets and family homes.
The town is also recognised as one of the last residences of the poet Antonio Machado, who lived here at the start of the 1936 Civil War, before being forced to flee to Collioure in France.